weather / climate change

Weather & Climate Change in black and white

talk of global warming and climate change can seem like a problem far far away. climate change is normal, right? hot days in Newfoundland and Labrador are good, right? icebergs are fabulous for tourism, right? yes yes yes, but there is the biggest kind of a butt to it: the hottting up too fast is not going to go well for us in the big picture. not well at all.

seeking sustainability!

shout out – 2014 CCNL Green Team

good things happen when good ideas come together. CCNL green team is officially finished for the summer, but the good things and good ideas will keep on. through July and August Green Team members – Jeff Smyth (lead), David Mahre, Tamara Segura, and Chris Ball sought and found so many fabulous examples of…