seedling ~ Hope becomes axtion

think planet. live local ~ how do you fit in?

the challenges of the great big world can get a little smaller when we all work together to take action!  for Earth Day 2016, with support from Memorial University’s Office of Public Engagement and the Department of Forestry and Agrifoods, asked human beings how their actions fit in with their larger planetary system at…

Earth Day 2016 Ideas from the Northeast Avalon

Happy Earth Day!- living la vida local

last Sunday, with support from Memorial University, Department of Forestry and Agrifoods, and some really cool local businesses launched the How do You Fit in? initiative during the Earth Day Fair at the Suncor Fluvarium. It goes like this: the earth is one big beautiful interconnected system, and we all have a role to play in caring for it. When it comes to ‘thinking planet and living local’, we asked, “How do you fit in?”

local survey

the people have spoken ~ we want local!

it turns out that ‘local’ is an important consideration for people when they are buying, and, even more encouraging, people would buy more local goods if they knew local options where available and they knew how to access the goods. the results of the poll will help us build Habits for Your Habitat – Guide to the Good, and that will make it easier for those of us in the Northeast Avalon to include more ‘local’ in our purchasing decisions.