30 days: Day 30

the 30 day yoga challenge is complete.

the challenge was to attend 21 classes in 30 days.  i made 29.

the reward was to be:

  • You’ll feel amazing AND 25 Dharma Dollars will be credited to your account to use towards the purchase of a future Nova Yoga Class Pass!

big check mark there!

what i wanted was to feel:

– stronger, more focused, and clearer.  and be in a better position to make the dreams that have lived in me for a while reality.

there has been progress on those fronts.  i’ve told the kids i’m a ninja.  i’m working on taking things one at a time.  i’ve released a lot of mental clutter.

and the dreams that have lived in me for awhile – progressing thegreenrock.ca non-profit toward making a positive, sustainable difference, has a life.

and i’ve also got to know interesting, kind, inspiring people – the teachers, yogis, and sandy who accepted the same 30 day challenge.  she started to make a habit of daily yoga, and is ready to keep going.  i am too.

thank you for reading and encouraging me on this journey..  the blogging has amplified the experience by making it a conversation, and the ‘likes’ are so rewarding.  namaste.