UNCOP21 101: basics of the Paris Conference


lots of buzz about UNCOP21 today.   I’ve been following, but needed to brush up on the basics to get the big picture.

For starters, UNCOP is United Nations Conference of Parties – the almost 200 ‘parties’ (countries) who are part of it.

the 21 is the 21st Conference.  (It was in Montreal in 2005.  Dates and overviews here.)

the big goal of the UNCOP21, is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on managing climate change.  the aim was to keeping global warming below 2°C, but Canada supports that the goal be updated to 1.5°C

this is the document they’re working on.

whether 1.5 is enough is a question from some countries, and how it’s going to happen is another.  this bit from grist.org gives some more insight to the goings-on.

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