‘marketing local’ ~ support for local businesses wanted!

marketing local screen-shotOn the heels of the ‘buying local’ survey for consumers, thegreenrock.ca conducted ‘marketing local’, a survey for local business.

The consumer survey showed that consumers wanted to buy local, and would buy local more if they knew what was available and how to access it.

With that in mind, we asked business how ‘local’ fits in with marketing strategy.

We know that the Northeast Avalon is a busy hive of local businesses

  • there are hundreds and hundreds of local cottage businesses and kitchen-table operations that show up at markets and fairs
  • there hundreds of local retail shops downtown and in strip malls and standing alone
  • and there are dozens of local manufacturing operations (with or without storefronts).

And through the survey we learned that there is a huge appetite in the local business world to come together and be promoted.  Business owner/respondents comments were encouraging:

  • “I believe, given our economy, a network of local businesses, supporting local businesses is timely. And with the right message, we should all buy in to supporting local now more than ever.”
  • “Someone needs to take the lead.”
  • “Thank you for this. Buying local and promoting this is so important. “

The comments, along with the survey responses are helping us build the Guide to the Good.  the full survey results are here ( right click may be necessary to open)  https://docs.google.com/a/mun.ca/forms/d/1MMNFpTBQF1ICFJmlXWQhGMwTLDFuHLW1yaSeq8AfPgY/viewanalytics.

Here are some highlights of what we learned:  

We learned that ‘local’ is a significant factor for local businesses

  • 57.6% of business respondents said they “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that customers buy their products in order to support local businesses
  • 69.9% of local business owners have the impression that their customers believe that buying local help strengthen the local economy.

When it comes to marketing,  unpaid facebook and word of mouth are the most commonly used forms of advertising. but there is a big difference between the percentage who use it and the percentage who say it’s the most successful platform for them.

  • 84.9 % of local businesses rely on Facebook (unpaid) for promotion, but only 23.6% say that it’s their most their most successful platform.     
  • 78.1 % use word of mouth to advertise their products, and 26.4% say it is their most successful platform.

The take-away message for us is that local companies are under marketed, and that there is a demand for an affordable platform.  survey response confirmed this idea.

  • 93.1 % of respondents said that are interested in participating in a well rounded, engaging platform that promotes only local businesses.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.04.11 AM

This all  good  and inspiring news!  thanks to all those who participated, and we’re working hard to get the Guide to the Good on your screen!

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