Community community is here to build awareness of organizations and businesses that make a priority of sustainability. developed the Community Threads project to recognize and highlight efforts that support collaboration, wellness and sustainability.

The Community Sector Council (CSC)  reports  “there more than 5,000 nonprofit, community groups in Newfoundland and Labrador. Around 2,400 are formally registered nonprofits and about 1,100 are registered charities. Some are informal groups. The Avalon Peninsula is home to about 40% of the community groups while the remaining 60% are located in other areas the province.” 

Support from the Wellness Coalition Avalon East kickstarted Community Threads.  The data gathering began in April with a questionnaire for community groups .  Groups with a focus on sustainability were, and are, invited to complete a short questionnaire to be included in the Community Threads project, and counted among the many who are working to make a difference!