consider a local Christmas wreath for your door

Lilli WreathEvergreen boughs of fir and pine in a circular ring say Christmas time!  

Christmas wreaths look great, they smell great, and the feel great to the touch.  they welcome visitors to your door, and are welcome gifts.  and, after the after the season, they have the good manners to compost.  they are an ideal good to know gift that gives (#g2kgtg)

i had a couple of Lilli’s Wreaths, hand made by Joan Dawson and her daughters Jinji and Lilli last year.  they were gorgeous, and it was nice to tell people who made them.

the seasonal business came about as a lesson in life as well as a lesson in craft.  the girls wanted to be part of school and choir trips, which Joan was all for,with the caveat that they had to work to help raise the funds. they went for it.

the wreaths are 18″, fir and pine with rose hips for decoration.  you can get them at the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, Some Good Market (December 6), or inbox Joan, or call 765-0217.

Lilli’s Wreath’s will deliver to your door in the St. John’s area.  order by December 15.


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the cheese course – Five Brothers Artisan Cheese

newfoundland camembert?  yes!    chevre?  yes!

there is good, really good handmade artisan cheese out there byes.

when Green Team heard about Five Brothers last summer, they got excited and caught up with owner and cheesemaker adam blanchard.

Five Brothers products are available at Food For Thought and Nourish Bakery.  and keep an eye out for more places in 2012 – fb Five Brothers.  ( facebook ‘likes’ ’em)

Five Brothers Artisan Cheese