reasons to like the weather – July 2015, NL

wpid-20140104_160321.jpg1. no mosquitos

2. people stay close – seeking body heat

3. no shoveling

4. it’s not too hot.

5. if you’re not pleased with the location of your plants, you can transplant them no problem

6.  the air is not choked with smoke from forest fires

7.  people aren’t complaining about the heat

8.  sunburn is not a problem

9.  hair curls

10.  cool weather vacations are trendy

11.  there are good jokes

12.  the weather is good for running the Tele 10

13.  it’s good for allergies

14.  it’s good for fishing

15.  the grass is nice and green

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30 days: Day 30

the 30 day yoga challenge is complete.

the challenge was to attend 21 classes in 30 days.  i made 29.

the reward was to be:

  • You’ll feel amazing AND 25 Dharma Dollars will be credited to your account to use towards the purchase of a future Nova Yoga Class Pass!

big check mark there!

what i wanted was to feel:

– stronger, more focused, and clearer.  and be in a better position to make the dreams that have lived in me for a while reality.

there has been progress on those fronts.  i’ve told the kids i’m a ninja.  i’m working on taking things one at a time.  i’ve released a lot of mental clutter.

and the dreams that have lived in me for awhile – progressing non-profit toward making a positive, sustainable difference, has a life.

and i’ve also got to know interesting, kind, inspiring people – the teachers, yogis, and sandy who accepted the same 30 day challenge.  she started to make a habit of daily yoga, and is ready to keep going.  i am too.

thank you for reading and encouraging me on this journey..  the blogging has amplified the experience by making it a conversation, and the ‘likes’ are so rewarding.  namaste.


Thirty days. Day twenty-nine.

the cycle of 30 days is almost complete.  the first class was sunrise flow, and so was the twenty-eighth.  i love how it is.  on the mat i have gained the strength to burn through the vinyasas, flying challenges, and to rise up from the core in warrior I.  perhaps more impressive, i’ve gained the strength to let go of the vinyasa and take child’s pose when it seems right.

off the mat, I’ve found a steady place to be in myself.  there are, of course, many OMG! instances through the day, but I am finding ways to keep perspective.  one trick is to pause, take a twist on being the moment and see it as if it happened five moments (or five hours or five days or five years) ago.  the pause lets me wring out the stressful emotion, breathe, listen, and follow on with a gentle response.

so far so good.

The Yard Sale



Not only ‘too much stuff’ but ‘too much stuff that we don’t use’.  ie clutter.

reduce, reuse, recycle, clear out the cupboards and make it so that you can find what you need and use.   it’s therapeutic.

i’ve just wiped off neat little dress-the-
snowman fridge magnets my kids loved when they were younger.  they are still good, but there’s no room on my fridge.

a bargain at 50 cents for the lucky buyer, but priceless to me for the fun we had when we played with them, and the smiles they drew from me when i was prepping for the sale.

i hope other little children enjoy them just as much.