#g2kgtg – cheese on Saturday

make your own cheese!

make your own cheese!

it’s not over yet byes!   the end of the season is the other side of the weekend, but between then and now is a rare chance to make a #gtkgtg that will soothe the last leg of Christmas.  5H Giving – handmade, homemade, local.

say cheese.  Feta, Paneer, Ricotta.

make cheese.  for real.

my old school friend turned back to the land, and has set up  a farm in Nova Scotia.  home for Christmas, she’s running a Cheesemaking 101 workshop.  I know her as Heather Squires, but she’s known as the CURD GIRL.   she’s running a fun, lovely afternoon of cheesemaking tomorrow, Saturday 2-5 pm on MacPherson Street, near the Mall.  workshop cost is $50, which you can bring.  (if the $ in hand is a deal-breaker let Heather know, and ye can work something out).

also bring milk (whole, red container is best), but all other required materials are supplied. but there will be cheese to taste so if you’d like to bring something to drink with the tasting, that is good.

inbox Heather to let her know you’re coming and get specifics.


and since we’re near the end, thank you.  #g2kgtg the good to know gifts that give series has been a hit!  sharing little treasures that grow up from kitchen tables and creative souls has been a pleasure. thanks to all who have kindly encouraged me, thanks to the new friends i’ve met along the way, and thanks to those who have used their purchasing power to buy local!

(happy to report that there is so many more lovely things out there.  this morning i found my way to Rock Paper Flowers on Water Street West.  there is a whole new world there!  i’m looking forward to finding out more.)


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