observations from the screen: the facebook feed and election 2015

thegreenrock.ca is about habits for your habitat.  things that we can do that maximize the quality of living where we live now and way beyond now. it’s not a political thing, but choosing government matters.

to that process, and mostly thanks to facebook I feel more knowledgeable about the federal election 2015 than any other federal election.  If that sounds trite, it isn’t.  most of my (600+) facebook friends are smart, and many have (differing) political views. they post and share mainstream media news, views, and opinions.  i also watched the four party leader debate and walk around my neighbourhood.

i have learned much.  some is clear, and some is confusing.  here are the high level observations:

the three Elections

one of the few locations in St. John's east where five parties have signage.

one of the few locations in St. John’s east where five parties have signage.

  • though it’s pretty under the facebook radar, there is a provincial election campaign underway.  there is space for confusion.  (this is almost as confusing as the Telephone Building/Fort William Building being renamed the Johnson Centre, which is right next to the Baine Johnston Centre, all on Factory Lane.) why did they do this?
  • there is also the American election.
  • also there is a Communist Party of Canada and a candidate in my riding.  see photo, right.  this was news to me.

I Vote/You Vote/Don’t Vote/Not Vote/Can’t Vote/Vote in Advance

  • over the past few weeks my newsfeed filled with images that say I AM VOTING OCTOBER 19 overlaying pictures of themselves.
  • people who don’t say much are coming out telling everyone to vote.  some, like Marg Delahunty are in full regalia and tell how to vote.
  • Rick Mercer is encouraging youth, particularly, to vote, any many are sharing his encouragement.
  • Danny Williams comments, which were don’t vote if and only if you can vote and not vote for Stephen Harper, got paraphrased to don’t vote at all.
  • David Cochrane, who interviewed Danny on that topic, clarified that Danny didn’t say not to vote outright, but opined that not voting is indeed a statement.
  • changes to the Citizenship Act mean a four-year rather than a three-year waiting period, resulting in reports that 200,000 people who thought they could vote, can’t.
  • a lot of people posted that they voted in Advance Polls.  these polls were open from noon to 8 pm on October 9, 10, 11, or 12.  advance polls aren’t new, but this year is one day longer than in 2011.  my facebook friends were made out.  3.6 million people voted early, 71% more than in 2011.  facebook also reports that the advance pollling took a really long time.  people lined up for hours.

Who is the 30%

  • facebook feeds refer to a 30% who will vote conservative no matter what.  that seems odd.

Strategic Voting

  • the fact that a political party can form the government even though the majority of people did not vote for it is in the facebook feed conversation, leading to
  • much facebook sharing about swing ridings, which call upon ridings to vote a particular way to achieve a goal, typically to not have a conservative government.
  • Voteswap..  voters swap votes in one party in one riding for another in another riding.

What are you going to do?

  • there is a lot of time and energy and money being invested in asking people who they are voting for.   Nine polling companies have called the electorate about eighty times since late August.  that seems like a lot of pre-asking to me.  who is paying for that?  and what is the purpose?

    Poll Tracker

    Poll Tracker

Drama of the details

as the graph shows (thanks to the polls) we are watching a 78-day dramatic mini-series.  the red and blue and orange have each had their ups and downs.

along with the economy and hair styles, topics like the niquab, barbaric practices of other cultures, and a tip-line for reporting same have factored large.

and it’s got more bizarre when  mummers were voting (in advance).   the thing not celebrated in the excellent mummers parade is that the cultural practice of mummering is that it is rooted in social justice vigilante-style. I learned about that in political science at Memorial (Newfoundland Society and Culture) though, not on facebook..

the mummer vote

the mummer vote


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