Common Ground – space

cool stuff on the go on Harvey Road in St. John’s!  Common Ground is a non-profit co-working space that’s affordable, friendly (there is even a common ground hound!), and creates an instant collaborative community.

Common Ground-ers love the experience, especially the collaborative-ness.  entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and others in need of space to create and build can use it. Conservation Corps green team 2014 paid a visit to Jennifer Smith on a quiet day in August (it was hot back then!), and she shared the big picture.  for this vid, David Maher was the  director/interviewer; Chris Ball on audio, and Jeff Smyth behind the camera.  the music – Acoustic Breeze – is composed and performed by Bensound.

in July and August 2014 Conservation Corps Green Team – Tamara Segura, Chris Ball, David Maher and Team Lead Jeff Smyth talked and taped, walked in the sun, swung on the swings, got out there and got inspired by the great green good going on in the Northeast Avalon.  Over the coming months their work will be released on Conservation Corps Green Team 2014 was sponsored by Junior Forest Wardens NL.  (thank you!)



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thirty days – day six


2013-10-20 13.52.40 (1)my body feels more.  it sits with purpose.  and today ramped it all up.

core strength vinyasa yoga.  12:30.  in the middle of a relaxing-type sunday in the fall in almost downtown st. john’s.  it was on fire.

Based on the teachings of Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, this Flow class will focus on connecting to our core and building inner strength.

wow.  i’ve done the class numerous times before, but today was different.  maybe because i’ve loosened up in the past few days.  each movement came from the middle, seeking and settling in to the burn, driven by breath and controlled strength.

core leads you to know what you need.. and then you get it.  water.  good coffee, clean air, and a good read.