Habits for Your Habitat ~ Guide to the Good

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Since 2011, thegreenrock.ca has been sharing stories about great local, green and savvy initiatives.  Along the way we’ve been talking to loads of local business owners, environmental practitioners, and community organizations.  So good, so inspiring, and so needed!  We realized that there is more we can do to make our communities more sustainable and more resilient, and we are working on it!

Habits for Your Habitat ~ guide to the good is work in progress that will make it easier and more practical for people to make sustainable choices. It’s about what we do where we live.  The new platform will promote local businesses (kitchen-table operations as well as thriving storefronts), highlight organizations, profile cool people and translate complex science into practical tips for everyday habits.

Since things ‘local’ are key to project success, we are surveying consumers,local business owners and community organizations to identify how ‘local’ fits into purchasing decisions and marketing activities.

think planet.  live local.



thegreenrock.ca is a non-profit that informs and inspires people in Newfoundland and Labrador on ways to address the challenges facing our planet, our communities, and our lives.  like and share!

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shout out – 2014 thegreenrock.ca CCNL Green Team

seeking sustainability!

seeking sustainability!

good things happen when good ideas come together.  thegreenrock.ca CCNL green team is officially finished for the summer, but the good things and good ideas will keep on.

through July and August thegreenrock.ca Green Team members – Jeff Smyth (lead), David Mahre, Tamara Segura, and Chris Ball sought and found so many fabulous examples of sustainable activities.  the fruit of their labours (video stories) will be posted on thegreenrock.ca (and other places) through the fall.

every day they were inspired and impressed by the volume. caliber, passion and will of people to live life in a manner than cares for each other and the earth.  in their words, the people they met were ‘happy people’.  there is something to be said for that!  thank you all for being part of it.

thanks too to Jeff, David, Tamara and Chris, to the amazing staff at Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador, and to Junior Forest Wardens NL.

check back!  you’ll see good things on the Tree of Life, Habitat for Humanity, Junior Forest Wardens, the Quidi Vidi Plantation, Green Tips, and so much more!




thegreenrock.ca is a non-profit that informs and inspires people in Newfoundland and Labrador on ways to address the challenges facing our planet, our communities, and our lives.  like and share!

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technology and fresh eyes – think planet. live local.

thegreenrock.ca green team

easy being green

all through July thegreenrock.ca Conservation Corps Green Team has been finding stories of sustainability on the Northeast Avalon.

the team – Chris, David, Tamara and Jeff – are a brilliant mix of cultures and talents armed with laptops, instruments and recording equipment, and united by a bona fide interest in finding and sharing ways to live more sustainably.

their efforts have captured the attention of many – including the Telegram!  check out thegreenrock.ca green team story in the Telegram and share the news!




cropped-thegreenrock-1.pngthegreenrock.ca is a non-profit that informs and inspires people in Newfoundland and Labrador on ways to address the challenges facing our planet, our communities, and our lives.  like and share!

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community threads ~ connections for sustainability


Threads criss, cross and connect as shown by the work of Emil Lukas. for more of his, http://www.emillukas.com

think planet. live local.

thegreenrock.ca developed the Community Threads project to recognize and highlight community organizations’ efforts that support collaboration, wellness and sustainability.

The project is designed to share the news that smart people and great organizations are working toward sustainable living in this province. There are many!  The Community Sector Council (CSC) is committed to strengthening and promoting the essential role that voluntary and nonprofit, community organizations play in building healthy and prosperous communities.

The CSC site reports  “there more than 5,000 nonprofit, community groups in Newfoundland and Labrador. Around 2,400 are formally registered nonprofits and about 1,100 are registered charities. Some are informal groups. The Avalon Peninsula is home to about 40% of the community groups while the remaining 60% are located in other areas the province.” 

Support from the Wellness Coalition Avalon East kickstarted Community Threads.  The data gathering begins with a questionnaire for community groups .  Groups with a focus on sustainability are invited to complete the form below and be included in the Community Threads project, and counted among the many who are working to make a difference! With permission from the respondent, responses will be published on thegreenrock.ca under Projects.  The project was launched the Suncor Fluvarium’s Earth Day Fair on April 13.

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Play Again – NLEE film screening

They don’t mean minecraft!   Join NLEE and other local people who want the kids to get outdoors at Cowan Heights Elementary on Wednesday for the Play Again film screening.

lucy and the sky.  one diamond.

lucy and the sky. one diamond.

The Play Again film synopsis website says “Through the voices of children and leading experts including journalist Richard Louv, sociologist Juliet Schor, environmental writer Bill McKibben, educators Diane Levin and Nancy Carlsson-Paige, neuroscientist Gary Small, parks advocate Charles Jordan, and geneticist David Suzuki, PLAY AGAIN investigates the consequences of a childhood removed from nature and encourages action for a sustainable future.”

thirty days – day 25. where it takes you.

i was carless on the friday.  the day was bizarre – windy, rainy, warm up (i.e. not good for biking) until around 4 when everything turned pink.   given the light factor, i took to the road on foot just before 5 for the 30 minute walk to the studio.  and i arranged a ride home from my daughter’s dance class.

unfortunately the walk took me 33 minutes.


o dear.  this was the last class of the day, so day 25 would be without class.

everything that doesn’t happen creates space for something else to happen.

so off i went to visit my ma down the road.   she was delighted to see me!   but she and her pal were just about to head out for a walk.  anyone who knows my mother knows that walking is not her thing, but she’s cultivated the habit recently.  i’ve enjoyed her stories about her walks.  her pal says she doesn’t ‘walk’, she toddles.  she also waves to people, sits down on benches to smoke, changes direction without notice, might stop and ask someone any sort of question, and doesn’t always look where she’s going.

1460657_10151697013402553_1982747158_oi joined them on the walk and we laughed all the way to sobeys.

weaving through rabbitown was fun, and i popped in to visit a friend’s mother who i had been wanting to see.  after a nice chat i headed to the studio.

terri my friend and the dance teacher was happy to drive us home.  my daughter said she was hungry, and as i had no meal planned, it rigged out that we went to leo’s.   delight! the studio is near several fish and chip shops, and i had an intention of a good feed in the future.  here it was.

leo’s was perfect.  warm, lively, and crowded around the cash.  the waitress came to us and took our order from the floor… she just kind of walked over and asked what we wanted.   my youngest daughter (not present) enjoys a good hamburger, but having traveled through italy last summer, she’s got a peculiar way of ordering.  she politely says, “I’d like a hamburger.  cooked.  with a top bun and a bottom bun.  with no egg.  bun/meat/bun.  nothing else, please.”  i didn’t mention the cooked/egg criteria, but did start to say ‘bun, meat….” and the excellent waitress joined me!  together we created the three layers with hand gestures.  bun meat bun.  it was wondrous.

we settled in to wait, but then out of the corner of my eye i saw my friends and famous people, andy jones and mary lynn bernard.  how good was that!   they always rachet the happy factor up a notch, and they did again.  not far off was their daughter, also famous (Republic of Doyle), and that gave my 14-year-old a happy thrill.

how could this get any better?  when the meal was ready terri said it was her treat.    we laughed and talked all the way home.

two thumbs up.  and i credit the 30 day challenge.  it may mean 29 classes in 30 days, but that measures up.

thirty days – day 5




nine am saturday – a perfect time for a yoga class.

today was Classic Flow.  

A moderately-paced flow class to help you feel centered, focused, and restored. In this practice we will work to create cleansing heat in the body and increase strength and flexibility. 

and for me i saw how to let balance and pressure get me where i went.  not force or stress.    i landed in a stronger, more sustainable place.