thirty days – day 5




nine am saturday – a perfect time for a yoga class.

today was Classic Flow.  

A moderately-paced flow class to help you feel centered, focused, and restored. In this practice we will work to create cleansing heat in the body and increase strength and flexibility. 

and for me i saw how to let balance and pressure get me where i went.  not force or stress.    i landed in a stronger, more sustainable place.

The Yard Sale



Not only ‘too much stuff’ but ‘too much stuff that we don’t use’.  ie clutter.

reduce, reuse, recycle, clear out the cupboards and make it so that you can find what you need and use.   it’s therapeutic.

i’ve just wiped off neat little dress-the-
snowman fridge magnets my kids loved when they were younger.  they are still good, but there’s no room on my fridge.

a bargain at 50 cents for the lucky buyer, but priceless to me for the fun we had when we played with them, and the smiles they drew from me when i was prepping for the sale.

i hope other little children enjoy them just as much. Green Team takes to the mat with Nova Yoga

what does sustainability have to do with yoga?  everything!  being mindful of your body, mind and spirit creates inner space and makes room to care for yourself, your family, your community and your world.  green up!


vermin in the kitchen

vermin under the sink

i am at a happy place where composting and clearing out the storage room excite me.   true.

and i’d been excited about a vermi-composter – a tub of worms in the house – since i’d first heard that such things existed.   the rest of the family did not share my enthusiasm, but a summer of emmets touring the house increased their level of immunity to little things that crawl.

and last weekend we were in the right place at the right time:  the trouter’s special worm farm in bay bulls.  we were there as part of (an excellent!) jfw expedition.

bought the kit from krista (=~$60.00 for a pound of worms and a big bin), and it fit perfectly under the sink.

we were in the kitchen compost business.  woo-hoo!   the process is fairly simple – feed the worms compostable matter. to do this you dig a hole in the dirt in the bin, drop a scoop of ‘food’ (i use a cat litter scoop, but it’s a bit weak and bendy), and cover it back up.  mark where you put it.  and they eat it.  after a while you dump the worms, claim the compost, and start anew.

we are six people, so even a thousand worms can’t consume our leavings, so our worm composter supplements the composters in the back garden.

(make that 997.  three escaped and were found, dead, toward the door.  that was on day 1.  i think the message made it back to under the sink.  no escapees sighted since.)

and the kids clamour to feed the worms.  who knew how good life could get?

my favourite things

the top three things that happened to me in the past seven days:

1.  today garbage day.  this is a disgrace because im a green wanna be.

2.  the perfect coffee.    after numerous, too numerous failures with the moka pot, after the gaggia pure gave up, i made a perfect cup.  made my day.  made my week.

3.  when they eat what i cook.  six people:  71-year old who eats bologna.  46 year old who does not want meat or anything white.  12 year old who likes white.  9 year old who likes white.  seven year old who likes not much.  but they all ate the  macaroni & cheese!