Thirty Days: Day 8

day 1 of week two started early.  sunrise flow, 6 a.m.  it was very dark.  full complement of early-rising yogis.  susan, the instructor, inspired all with great tunes, poses and moves that grew more fluid as the sun came up.

i’m feeling lithe and limber overall, but left arm is getting fed up with chaturangae.   i will adjust.

home at 7:15 to get ’em up and make the lunches.  they got up.  the lunches got made.  however my eldest texted me a picture of hers with the quote ‘please explain”.    i thought turkey in a little white container, an apple, juice and special cupcake were self-explanatory.

it made me laugh.  but perhaps i should adjust.

30 days: Day 1

things have been changing for awhile – contracts concluded, england/spain/italy tour, yard sale, kids to bed (and to school) on time, space reno, intern coming… and now one that i’ve been looking forward to:  30 day yoga challenge.

the challenge is to attend 21 classes in 30 days.  the reward:

  • You’ll feel amazing AND 25 Dharma Dollars will be credited to your account to use towards the purchase of a future Nova Yoga Class Pass!

this is day 1.  i’m going at lunchtime.   

i like amazing and the cash incentive is good too. but what i want to feel, after 30 days, is stronger, more focused, and clearer.  and be in a better position to make the dreams that have lived in me for a while reality.

fingers x’ed!

Rubber Meets Road – Bike St. John’s

Ride On!!  The City of St. John’s is moving to make biking a more typical transport option.   Bike racks on busses, bike racks all around, showers in new buildings!  It’s coming!

During the summer of 2011, Conservation Corps Green Team met with Deputy Mayor (and bike planner!) Shannie Duff to get the skivvy.

There’s more!  Check it out at   The City also offers ‘CanBike’ Bike Training for children and adults.  Download the City’s Active Living Guide (page 36) for details, or e-mail or visit the City’s cycling plan website at

Check it all out and hit the road! Green Team takes to the mat with Nova Yoga

what does sustainability have to do with yoga?  everything!  being mindful of your body, mind and spirit creates inner space and makes room to care for yourself, your family, your community and your world.  green up!



the day before the day of rest.

pills distributed porch tidied mother argued boy up bed stripped washing in laundry folded coffee made breakfast served lunch made cinnamon hearts confiscated email checked coffee gone more washing folded boy to chess tournament friend thanked note wrote.

so far so good.

owen's going