goes to the woods… day 2

lesson 2 – get on with it.  it’s not the thing, its the reaction that makes a fuss.

stuff happens all the time to and with everyone.  if reaction to stuff (screaming, annoyance, frustration…) takes priority and precedence over resulting action (fixing, picking up, stopping flow of blood)… stuff will fool you up.

the sun moves across the sky.   the tide comes in and goes out.  the stars appear.  and disappear.  reoest.

makes me feel silly for ever worrying. about anything.


30 days day 26: double up!

after 24+ hours of no yoga class, i had energy to burn.  something funny happened with my back on the early morning run, akin to a giant hand in a steel-belted radial glove squeezing my body and driving the breath out of me.  i figured it a consequence of no-yoga and a motor walk in non-motor walking boots.  also figured the way to deal with it was to stretch, so i rode to 9:00 am classic flow with krystle ( just made it in time).  it was good.

previously my friend marlene and i agreed to go to restoration at 4:00 with cheryl.   it was her very first yoga class – what a great way to start!  it stretched my back, and she loved it.


Babies take it everywhere.   Every one in Spain takes it all the time.  Between 3 and 5 the streets go quiet and people go home to lie down.   It’s a rewarding way to deal with heat in this habitat. And according to the pleasantness of the people, the good feeling lasts through the day and night.