spring! into waste reduction

one year’s worth of waste – http://www.zerowastehome.com/

one weeks worth of waste. how much of this could go somewhere other than the landfill?










March is here (in like a lamb out like a lion maybe?) and as it always does it brings ideas of spring and spring cleaning.  we need to make space for fresh new energy. the best to do that long term is to think about what we bring in.

habits we practice at the household level have a huge impact on reducing waste.   believe it or not, it’s possible to leave very little on the curb – check out Bea of www.zerowaste.com and Lauren of trash is for tossers for leading edge examples.  these two mavericks have waste reduction down to a science and an art.   as well as being very dedicated, they live in centres where facilities exist that make their choices practical.   great ideas!  and although all the facilities don’t exist (ie, we can’t bring jars to the brewery to get filled with beer), there are many things we can do to reduce waste.

this is a mash-up of suggestions of living the waste-free lifestyle from Bea and Lauren, with a bit of local practical knowledge thrown in.

  • what’s in the trash? – have a look at what’s in the bin.  if you’re the greater St. John’s metro area, figure out what can be recycled (cans, cartons, bottles, etc, check the city of St John’s recycling program), what can be composted like organic waste – check out the Botanical Gardens,, what really shouldn’t be going to the trash at all (hazardous waste), check out Eastern Waste Management , what can be rehabilitated or donated (check out Habitat for Humanity ReStore – link updated and other donation-seeking organizations). For all of it, all over the province check out rethink waste. like their website says, “RethinkWasteNL.ca provides Newfoundlanders and Labradorians with easy access to everything we need to know about managing our waste – all on one website.”
  • when buying, buy package-free and/or bulk – sometimes the packaging is recyclable, but even if it still takes work to recycle it.  less is more! You can visit the Bulk Barn to buy in bulk or you can go to the Food for Thought store  as well, and shop the markets.  the St. John’s Farmers’ Market doesn’t run in winter, but the Winter Market and Some Good Market do!
  • the best way to avoid food waste is to prepare the right volume of food for your family, and eat it.  (easier said that done.)  cooking and baking at home (having minimized packaging at the purchase phase) leads to less waste!


all of these ideas can add up to a  huge difference to what hits the curb.  and when the demand is there to create more infrastructure to reduce even further.


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#g2kgtg – tis the season to ReStore!

restore the giving spirit of the season!  the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Logy Bay Road, is a treasure trove of amazing finds that helps Habitat NL help families find affordable home ownership.  5H Giving in spades. vintage, antique, one-of-a-kind or just off the shelf recycled and new surprises that make this Christmas present merry, and Christmas future all the merrier for a family in this province.

people and stores donate the good things they don’t need any more, and the stuff that comes (and goes quickly) is amazing.  last week there was a big old record player,and a gobsmacking cupboard and mantle.  cupboard doors to create with, and so much more.  proceeds from sales of all things help Habitat do its business of building homes with families throughout the province, and there is no HST..

like ReStore Manager Ryan O’Dea says, the ReStore is full of community camaraderie.  the vid tells the story!  it was a gift to Habitat from Roger Maunder, Up Sky Down films.  (Up Sky Down did the You Are Not Alone with Amelia Curran).



good to know gifts that give (#g2kgtg) is a special project of thegreenrock.ca that looks at local gifts that people will like, use, and won’t leave an unnecessarily big footprint on the planet or humankind.  please like and share!

thegreenrock.ca is a non-profit that informs and inspires people in Newfoundland and Labrador on ways to address the challenges facing our planet, our communities, and our lives.  like and share!                   facebook thegreenrock.ca, google+ thegreenrock.ca

Habitat for Humanity NL: building homes. building hope.


thegreenrock.ca CCNL Green Team loves a story of good, and they found one at Habitat for Humanity NL on Robin Hood Bay Road in St. John’s.  The main point of the organization is to build homes with families who need homes, and the method is through community involvement.  The Restore retail outlet sells donated goods – appliances, furniture, building materials and more, and funds raised support builds.  It’s all good.

Habitat for Humanity has helped around 50 families find affordable home ownership in this province over the past 20 years.  Now the organization is aiming to help fifty in five years.  Gail Ryan, Habitat’s Executive Director tells a little about the organization and how and why it does what it does. It’s a thread that strengthens our community.  Directed by David Maher, Tamara Segura behind the camera, Chris Ball doing audio, and editied by Jeff Smyth.

in July and August 2014 thegreenrock.ca Conservation Corps Green Team – Tamara Segura, Chris Ball, David Maher and Team Lead Jeff Smyth talked and taped, walked in the sun, swung on the swings, got out there and got inspired by the great green good going on in the Northeast Avalon.  Over the coming months their work will be released on thegreenrock.ca.

thegreenrock.ca Conservation Corps Green Team 2014 was sponsored by Junior Forest Wardens NL.  (thank you!)







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