30 Days – Day 28. Peace.


the studio was closed on november 11 for remembrance day.  so for me, so i took a non-asana practice off the mat.

my grandfather, art smith was in the royal newfoundland regiment.  his brother jack was in the navy.

i am not sure that my grandfather would have thought of yoga.  he was gentle and kind, but i was nine when he died and had not started my yoga journey.  i think he would like how yoga helps cultivate peace.  i know he would like how being mindful, seeing yourself as part of something larger that is compassionate, kind, respectful of self and others is good.

as a boy he, and countless others, saw joining the war effort as a means to achieving that.  many did not come back.  both art and jack made it home to baine harbour, nl and life went on.

three of art’s grandchildren spent remembrance day afternoon totally screen-free in the kitchen. talking about the galaxy, baking and making – banana bread and pretzels, jam and candy – and saying ‘we should do this every week’.  it was a good way to remember.  and a good way to look ahead.