Quidi Vidi Village Plantation

what a spot!  and perfect timing for the good to know gifts that give project (#g2kgtg).

in the summer of 2014, thegreenrock.ca Conservation Corps Green Team scored great stories of good, smart things being made (and sold) in the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation.  there are special things to be found here:  prints, linens, textiles, pottery.  a  joy to give, yummy good to receive, so local and so very beautiful.  being in that place gives space to the soul.  it’s actually ‘in’ the gut – you have to drive past the entrance to Mallard Cottage then turn left.

click here for the vid – http://youtu.be/40tKXbpVIDw – and hear what textile artist Joelle Blandford and clay artist Laura Higenell have to say about their wares, and what makes Quidi Vidi Plantation a haven for artists.  the QV Plantation is open to the public Tuesdays-Saturdays. not all the artists are there all the time, but they are are helpful crowd to each other, and to customers so you can purchase.  for more on the Plantation visit http://www.quidividivillageplantation.com/



in July and August 2014 thegreenrock.ca Conservation Corps Green Team – Tamara Segura, Chris Ball, David Maher and Team Lead Jeff Smyth talked and taped, walked in the sun, swung on the swings, got out there and got inspired by the great green good going on in the Northeast Avalon.  Over the coming months their work will be released on thegreenrock.ca.

thegreenrock.ca Conservation Corps Green Team 2014 was sponsored by Junior Forest Wardens NL.  (thank you!)



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Eating Local this Holiday Season

Keeping it Green This Holiday is a series of posts about minimizing your environmental footprint in a season that can easily be excessive.   A beautiful holiday can be had by making things from scratch, spending time at home and outdoors, and less time worrying about to-do lists and ‘getting it done’.   Check out the rest of the series on thegreenrock.ca, and have a happy and green holiday!

Gathering around a big table to share in a holiday meal with friends and family is an essential component of the season. From roast meats to vegetables to preserves and sweets, holiday foods are comforting and nostalgic.  It’s a great time to celebrate the local food choices that are available during the holiday season.   Here are some places to find local, sustainable foods to add to your holiday menu.

St. John’s Farmers’ Market: Lion’s Club Chalet

The St. John’s Farmer’s Market is a great place to get local veggies, meats, preserves and hand-made goods. The last market of the season is December 21, so there are still a few weeks left to stock up on local goods at the SJFM!

Every Saturday, 9am – 2pm, up to and including December 21.

Lester’s Farm Market: 173 Brookfield Rd. Mount Pearl, NL

Lester’s Farm Market began accepting orders for locally raised turkey starting December 1st – and sold out fast.  But you can still get your veggies.

9921Here are some other options for buying a local turkey from Root Cellars Rock!

Fagan’s Farm sells vegetables  baked goods, preserves, and meats (including fresh local chickens) out of the Churchill Square parking lot.

August – December (Thursday to Sunday, 8:30am – 6pm)
Belbins Grocery Store 85 Quidi Vidi Rd, St John’s, NL
Belbins sells a variety of prepared foods, some with local, wild, ingredients such as their Newfoundland Wild Rabbit Pie.  They also sell local free range chicken (frozen) and locally made sauces and chutneys.

 Bidgood’s Traditional Newfoundland Foods and Crafts    Phone: (709) 368-3125 Address: Bidgood’s Plaza,  Goulds, Goulds, NL

Bidgood’s is the home of frozen local berries, bottled moose, rabbit and other wild meats as well as other local Newfoundland foods.

Look for local vegetables and Blue Goose ethically and organically raised chicken at Sobeys.

Check out ‘Ellie’s Chicken Coup’ in the Buy Local Buy Fresh Avalon map, which is a great resource for finding out more fresh and local food options.

There are many options and opportunities for ethical eating this holiday season.

Have a wonderful holiday, filled with delicious comfort foods!

think small – Small Business Saturday

it’s Small Business Saturday, and Canada is on about shopping small! 

shopping small means business in your community – extra points for the planet (and you!) if you shop local and small.

from the bakery to the farmer’s market to the ice cream shop, to the chocolatier to neat cool stuff that other people in other places can’t get because they don’t make it there.  buy that stuff.   and meet the people who bring it to you.  Top Stop – St. John’s Farmers Market 9-2, Lions Club Chalet behind the ReMax Centre, Bonaventure Avenue!

Canada's Small Business Saturday

The Big Green Up!

What makes ‘green’ work?  People working together – each doing a bit!  Today, October 18, is MMSB’s BIG GREEN UP DAY – and lots of organizations are taking up the challenge.  The Habitat for Humanity ReStore – a champion of recycling the good toward helping families attain home ownership – is working with the Junior Forest Wardens to make green good great by giving out red pine seedlings to ReStore shoppers on October 18!  On October 17, the Canada Revenue Agency hosted a Waste Reduction Week Fair that included Habitat,  JFW, EverGreen Recycling, NL Power, the City of Mount Pearl and others who each work toward making their corners of the world a greener place.

It’s all good!

For more info on The Big Green Up visit


For more on Habitat for Humanity NL ReStore visit


made right here beef, lettuce, cupcakes, upcycled clothes and more!

YES!  the farmers market!  carrots, pickles, handmade paper, books and so much more  at the St. John’s Farmers’ Market.   the people who grew it, made it/make it,  or farmed it sell it live and in person!

the Farmers’ Market is one of the best ways to buy close to home for food, gifts, and treats!

in the summer of 2011 thegreenrock.ca Green Team did a bit of hangin’, shoppin’ and talkin’ at the Market.  great stories of sustainable choices were easy to find ~  check it out!

and check out the site http://stjohnsfarmersmarket.org/. it opens in june at the Lion’s Club on Bonaventure Avenue, just behind the ReMax Centre (Curling Club)


what’s that buzzzzz? all balm and honey at paradise bee farm

during the summer of 2011 thegreenrock.ca green team visited paradise bee farm and met beekeeper aubrey goulding.   very cool guy and kind of a bee-whisperer.  the team says it was fascinating ~ and according to the way mike is looking at the bees, it was all that and more!

the bees do good things and good business, and it ain’t all about the honey.   paradise farms bee natural products help take care of important things like hands and lips and babies.

aubrey is all about the bees, and paradise farms offers workshops that teach others how to keep the bees.   there will be another workshop later in the spring.  call  (709) 782-1435 or email info@beenatural.ca get on the list! 

check it out, and check out the paradise farms site –www.beenatural.ca

food security – what’s that all about?

my friend likes garlic.  she also likes local.  but the garlic she had seen at the supermarket were all grown far far away, so she planted some last fall because she knows it grows here.  that’s a part of food security.  remember that Halloween when the pumpkins were all sold out?  all the ones that grew were gone and there was no truck bringing in any more?  that’s a part of food insecurity – absence of supply.

food security is when all people at all times have access to enough food to meet their physical and cultural and economic needs, and the food is created in a sustainable, socially just manner.

the food system is everyone, from those who grow to those who make to those who sell to those who eat and the ground it grows from and the rain that falls and the trucks or planes or boats that move it.

it’s big deal!

so thegreenrock.ca Green Team talked to Rick Kelly at the Food Security Network Newfoundland and Labrador.  he shared his insights about sustainability and the importance of ‘local’ and ‘fair trade’ in a food secure system.

check it out!  and have a look over at Root Cellars Rock http://rootcellarsrock.ca/, lots of great ideas about planting, picking preserving and more.  and, coolly enough, lots of buzz about growing garlic!

where did that come from? sourcing ethically

downtown st. john’s is the place to buy wonderful stuff, and thegreenrock.ca Green Team put some serious thought into just how does that stuff gets wonderful.  they found out that businesspeople – like kim winsor of rocket, johnny ruth, and living planet – put a lot of thought into where what they sell comes from.

this video is now of the vintage variety with its great shots of the old johnny ruth from summer 11.  in mid-December the fashion superette – an integration of Johnny Ruth and Living Planet opened downtown, and all the good practices just keep on going!