Happy Earth Day!- living la vida local

last Sunday thegreenrock.ca, with support from Memorial University, Department of Forestry and Agrifoods, and some really cool local businesses launched the How do You Fit in? initiative during the Earth Day Fair at the Suncor Fluvarium.   It goes like this:  the earth is one big beautiful interconnected system, and we all have a role to play in caring for it.  When it comes to ‘thinking planet and living local’, we asked, “How do you fit in?”

how do you fit in

and guests to the Fluvarium answered!   the liked the sneak-peek preview of the Habits for Your Habitat ~ Guide to the Good site that we’ve been building on the past months; they lined up for the white spruce seedlings which we completely ran out of;  they wanted to win the excellent “Living Local” draw with some of St. John’s finest – goodies from St. John’s Soap Works, a ‘Shop Local’ poster, a gift certificate from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, as well as locally made fire-weed jam from Casey’s Crafts.  (congrats Nicole!)

But the biggest deal of the day was how people see themselves fitting in – and there are so  many ways.  Answers came in English, Spanish, Korean on paper, in voice, in video and in art.  Turns out there is great love on for the earth, and once our voices join in unison we will do a better job of caring for our planet.

Let’s keep going!  thegreenrock.ca is now moving into phase 2  which is the development of a creative ‘talking pictures’ and an some insight on living la vida local with Dr. Sean McGrath from For A New Earth. The responses we received were very inspiring !  We can’t wait to share it with you.

Stay tuned

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30 days: day 11 of mats and minds

9:00 am class with cheryl, and chloe the new the greenrock.ca intern.  yeah!

yin.  low and deep and slow.  one of the main yoga things is to keep your mind clear on the mat, be present, focus on breath and make space.   that usually happens (with the scattered ‘when will this be over’ thought coming to mind from the edges).

today my mind would not clear.   something was on it, had been for hours, and it would not go.

so, in yogic fashion, i stopped fighting and let the thought reside.  i meditated on it.   since it was a yin class with loooong poses, it worked.

and my meditative mind on the mat cleared way for the rest of the day.

think small – Small Business Saturday

it’s Small Business Saturday, and Canada is on about shopping small! 

shopping small means business in your community – extra points for the planet (and you!) if you shop local and small.

from the bakery to the farmer’s market to the ice cream shop, to the chocolatier to neat cool stuff that other people in other places can’t get because they don’t make it there.  buy that stuff.   and meet the people who bring it to you.  Top Stop – St. John’s Farmers Market 9-2, Lions Club Chalet behind the ReMax Centre, Bonaventure Avenue!

Canada's Small Business Saturday

the cheese course – Five Brothers Artisan Cheese

newfoundland camembert?  yes!    chevre?  yes!

there is good, really good handmade artisan cheese out there byes.

when thegreenrock.ca Green Team heard about Five Brothers last summer, they got excited and caught up with owner and cheesemaker adam blanchard.

Five Brothers products are available at Food For Thought and Nourish Bakery.  and keep an eye out for more places in 2012 – fb Five Brothers.  (thegreenrock.ca facebook ‘likes’ ’em)

Five Brothers Artisan Cheese

the DOOMMATE! – baddest habits for your habitat

do you know this guy?  some people’s not-green habits might make you cry!   the greenRock Green Team did some seriously creative bad thinking to make this story but note please that the environmental footprint of this video is minimal (no toxic waste in river!)