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think planet.  live local. is a registered non-profit that provides information and inspiration to answer challenges facing our planet, our communities, and our lives.

In this province we have fresh air, clean water, and a strong history of conservation.  Our land was settled based on respect for and reliance on the land and sea.   Through economic development, growth and change the reliance on the land and sea is different now.

While there are currently strong pockets of environmentalism throughout the province, and many organizations working toward sustainable, healthier solutions, as a whole we are not leaders in environmental practice.  That can change.  We envision NL as the leader in sustainable living.

A survey (2010) targeting women aged 30-50 in the east end of the capital City of St.  John’s shows that 100% of survey respondents are ‘interested in information that will make it easier for you to integrate green habits into your daily life.” People need information and guidance. works to make information available, connect the strength and capacities of like-minded organizations toward the sustainable goals in a positive, non-nonjudgmental, collaborative  manner.

In 2011, site was launched and, in partnership with the Conservation Corps, a video series on sustainable, green practices and practitioners in the greater St. John’s area was developed to make practical knowledge accessible, appealing and inspiring to viewers.

In 2014 was incorporated as a non-profit organization overseen by a board of directors.  The current slate of directors includes Bobby Bessey, Jeff Tulk, Emad Rizkalla, Kelly Bavis, Meghan Keating, Gail Ryan and Kim Todd.