good to know gifts that give

somewhere in between those joyous, gauzy memories of perfect Christmas mornings, and the check-out wrought with anxious people there is a place of peace.  i am looking for it.

like the Grinch learned in Whoville, those things we exchange as tokens of love and friendship are not the main point.  but they are nice, and giving feels good.

i love local, and i love giving things that people will like, use, and hopefully will be a bit symbolic of our relationship.  and hopefully won’t leave an unnecessarily big footprint on the planet or humankind.

hits of Christmas past include stuff like wreaths, Clean Don’t Kill non-toxic cleaner, truffles, custom calendars, and boiled wool mitts. (here have been flops too.  unnecessary to detail.)

there is a lot out there.  every day the tiniest little poke around or walk downtown reveals something new.  for the next little while will share Good To Know gifts that give (#g2kgtg), and places to get ’em.






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